In “A Lonely Corner”, Liu Tao uses his humorous, ironic eyes to comfort and reinterpret the loneliness and spiritual life he encounters on the corners of the streets.


Liu Tao is from Hefei, China. He works in the urban water supply industry and has been doing street photography for more than 10 years.
He is very obsessed with shuttling through the streets with his camera from day to night. He seldom communicates with the photographed object; he wants to look at it with his own eyes and maintain a familiar and distant distance with it.
As time went by, street photography made him feel more and more vital. Once, he knew nothing about the reality around him, he was always lost in his own world. Street photography opened a window for him, and the photos became a means of communication between him and the exterior. Although there are many problems in life, when he goes out on the streets, he forgets everything. He is eager to find more and feel more.