No Tan Turista / No Tourist. Decontextualize the cities, make the streets one. No tan Turista is a project that was born in 2016, during my trip to Europe, Buenos Aires, the South and the North of Argentina. The concern to feel close to people always, to seek a sense of belonging with the photographed: to get out of the way of someone who is just passing through. ‘No tan Turista’ has as its main idea the loss of the symbolic (architectural) senses of cities. My goal is that anyone who sees a series of photographs of a city (or town) FEEL that these could be anywhere in the world, that the streets, the people, we are one. Break with differences, make culture a look, a construction.

COUNTRY | Argentina

BIO | My name is Lucas, I am an Argentine photographer who currently lives in Barcelona. My first memory with photography is at eleven years old when my father gave me my first analog camera: from that moment I never stopped taking pictures. I consider myself a street photographer, I like to be close to people and I always preferred that my photographs speak for themselves. This is what I love, my passion.