Day after day. Regarding street photography, there is a current tendency nowadays to search for special situations happening on the streets such as casual moments, certain conditions of light and therefore shadow, juxtapositions, and so on. It is a fashionable kind of street photography that I daily see which, I cannot say I don´t like, on the contrary, I love it, but that it is not the kind of street photography I do, the kind of street photography that interests me. I may be wrong, I probably am, but to me, the main reason to do street photography is people. Without them, in my opinion, there´s no street photo.
My work as a street photographer focuses on people, no matter what the light conditions are, no matter what they are doing. People´s faces, people´s hands, people´s expressions. I´m not in search of the perfect shot, I don´t need people´s “wow”s. My pictures are simple, they just express what´s going on at the moment I take the shot. My goal is to make the spectator wonder and image what the life of the subject is like.
I have an inexplicable love for old people, I admire them to the highest level. Their faces and bodies show us all they have lived, all they´ve been through. The project I now present is entitled “Day after day”. It is a collection of photographs which simply show the daily routine of the old people of my neighborhood, whether in the center of Madrid, where I live, as well as in Ayamonte, a town in the south of Spain when my family and I spend our holidays.
All my pictures are shot and edited exclusively on a mobile device.


BIO | Architect by degree and mobile photographer by passion. Almost 50, married, three beautiful daughters. All my pictures are shot using mobile devices. My work as an architect is tedious and very boring. Mobile photography helps me to evade myself from my daily routine. I have come across street photography a few years ago, and it has become my passion. I love to wander around the streets trying to capture scenes that will never happen again.