The street is a field with endless possibilities, where surprises always hide behind the next corner. When Lukas Vasilikos walks with his camera in his hands, the street life transforms into a theatrical act, a play that is taking place for him only. Regardless of the name of the city, the time of the year, or the day, streets are like living creatures, beating hearts, with their very own character. He just has to listen carefully to all these stories unfolding before his lens and adjust the shapes, colors, and forms. And the best thing is that this show never ends.


Lukas Vasilikos started photography in 2006. He lives and works in Athens. Lukas is a member of the “Depression Era” team of artists and writers that record the Greek crisis. He participated in an exhibition that took place in March 2014 at Palais de Beaux Arts (Bozar), Belgium and in DUPON gallery part of Mois de la Photo a Paris in November 2014. He is also a member of the international collective “Burn-my-eye” and the “Photography Circle”.