«Noctopolis» is a tale slowly whispered in the night, one when the cold breeze tingles the cheeks, and the eyes are battling to stay open. The Tokyo metropolis is a stage for disparate yet interconnected stories and narratives. Many of them take place in the dark hours when neon lights illuminate the streets, and smoke permeates the air. When darkness falls, the city enters a dreamlike state of revelry, mystery, alienation, and serenity.
Through these images, the author hopes to portray this nocturnal and never-ending dance. The places, the people, and the wonders of the Tokyo nights reveal under the photographer’s camera. The frame is exposing and recording hidden gestures, forbidden thoughts, and fast movements, in a place that never seems to sleep. Although the photographs are the results of many years of work, they mean to span a single quintessential night, archetypal of all the nights that bridge the gap from dusk till dawn in the urban expanse of Tokyo. «Noctopolis» is a series where hopes and fears come out, channelling a collective narrative aimed to represent all humanity.


Lukasz Palka is a Polish photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. He photographs in multiple genres: street photography, urban landscape, urbex, and others. Though his work is highly varied, his only goal is to portrait a great city with his own style. From its rooftops to its underbelly, Tokyo has fascinated Lukasz since he first arrived a decade ago. During this time, his style has evolved from a direct and literal approach, to a more impressionistic style that takes on qualities of noir. Nonetheless, some of his work is quite vivid, both in colour and situations. Recently, he has embarked on the mission to run photography workshops, and he is slowly but surely working towards publishing his first book.