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Steven Davis Untitled NYC 2017 4 Eyeshot
Aaron Bunge NYC Untitled 2019 7 Eyeshot
Frank Multari 5 Eyeshot
Chris Voss Untitled NYC 2018 Eyeshot 1
Limited Edition | New
Eyeshot Magazine #7 New York City

Eyeshot begins a new adventure by exploring the world with new issues based on a specific theme: cities of the world. Produced in exclusive collaboration with the NYC Street Photography Collective.

The Mirror Eyeshot
Dimitris Street Photography
Magdalena Orylska Poland Street Photography
Barry Talis Eyeshot
Ilan Ben Yehuda 1 Street Photography
Limited Edition
Eyeshot Magazine #6 The Mirror

In this new issue of Eyeshot magazine, the curator Marco Savarese asked the six guest photographers Kristin Van Den Eede, Alison McCauley, Dimitris Makrygiannakis, Julia Coddington, Melissa Breyer, and Melissa O’Shaughnessy, to investigate the main subject of this edition by imagining two opposed mirrors: the photographers, and their reality.

Flora Fauna Eyeshot
00 Maciej Dakowicz Street Photography
02 Narelle Autio Street Photography 1
09 Graciela Magnoni Street Photography
24 Bastien Vaucher Street Photography
Limited Edition
Eyeshot Magazine #5 Flora & Fauna

In this issue of Eyeshot, Marco Savarese throws down a challenge to Charalampos Kydonakis, Rammy Narula, Ania Klosek, Jesse Marlow and Maciej Dakowicz: to talk about Flora and Fauna through street photography.

Street Fashion Eyeshot
04 Vineet Vohra Street Photography
17 David Solomons Street Photography
18 Julia Coddington Street Photography
05 Matt Stuart Street Photography
Limited Edition
Eyeshot Magazine #4 Street Fashion

Marco Savarese, Editor in Chief, has invited five artists, Suzan Pektas, Graciela Magnoni, Gustavo Minas, Tavepong Pratoomwong and David Gibson, to answer some questions in this issue of Eyeshot, in order to build a complex story on tendencies, excesses, cultural and social differences that walk down the urban catwalks all around the world.

Street Jungle Eyeshot
Jeff Mermelstein Street Photography
Mark Powell Street Photography
Angel.JonWalker Street Photography
Daniel Frymark Street Photography
Limited Edition
Eyeshot Magazine #3 Street Jungle

For the first time, Eyeshot is hosting 5 guest photographers, Matt Stuart, Shin Noguchi, Julie Hrudova, Vineet Vohra, Katarzyna Kubiak, that will choose the best “Street Jungle“ shot. The result, with the Curator and Editing of Marco Savarese, is a collection of 105 photographs from 35 different countries.

Flashgun Eyeshot
1 Gustavo Minas Disko Brasilia 2017 Street Photography
2 Gareth Bragdon Green Edinburg 2017 Street Photography
11 Mike McCawley Snake Feet Chicago 2017 Street Photography
1 Andreas Ott In Our Mailbox Lately Bonn 2018 Street Photography
Limited Edition
Eyeshot Magazine #2 Flashgun

Ever notice how quick the flash is on a camera? That’s how fast other types of flashes are, including the super-fast superhero The Flash.
Whether you’re talking about a flash of lighting or a flash of insight, a flash is quick and bright and sudden. There aren’t any slow, long flashes. Because flashes are so fast, the word is often used for anything that happens really quickly: a flash is as fast as a New York minute, the blink of an eye, a heartbeat, an instant, a jiffy, or a split second.

Street Xmas Eyeshot
Vineet Vohra Street Photography
Gretchenn Grace Street Photography
JAD JADSADA Street Photography
Reuben Radding Street Photography
Limited Edition
Eyeshot Magazine Special Issue Street Xmas

Christians observe rituals at Christmas including church attendance and reenactments of Bible stories surrounding the birth of Christ. Non-religious observers exchange presents, tell stories about Santa Claus, and usually decorate a lighted Christmas tree. On the streets around the world Christmas is something else, and in these pages you will discover why.

Eyeshot Surreal
Tawanwad Wanavit Copia Street Photography
Eric Kogan Street Photography
Shah Toufiqur Rahman Ovi Copia Street Photography
Tavepong Pratoomwong Street Photography 1
Limited Edition
Eyeshot Magazine #1 Surreal

We may say that Street photography has always had that influence: from the classic images of Eliott Erwitt to our days with photographers like Siegfried Hansen or Tavepong Pratoomwong. In this issue, we present 101 talented street photographers celebrating excellence through a visual language in street photography.