Human Condition. In his ongoing project “Synopsis of the Human Condition”, Magelio playfully revisits the human relentless quest for meaning of life (love, birth, work, marriage, sex, death, etc.), as well as an individual’s sense of disorientation, haunting anxiety and confusion in a universe seemingly absurd, senseless and indifferent and where one does not always fit or have free will.


BIO | Magelio Venturi is an independent and self-taught photographer based in China since the mid-1990s but frequently traveling throughout the world for professional reasons. He has worked on various photographic projects and his interests lie mainly in a documentary, reportage and above all street photography because of its ability to capture the candid, unposed and natural elements of life. Magelio’s work has been exposed in various group exhibitions in China, a country he now considers his home. Magelio also teaches street photography workshops and he serves as a judge for the annual China Digital Photography Association Golden Crane Awards.