Unnatural Beauty. Sometimes, I feel something wrong with our quiet daily life. I feel weirdness to that the world regain order, whatever happens. I feel the existence of a huge system, and I realize that there is a part of nature, even if surrounded by concrete. Everyone is living like an animal for the prosperity of the species and they will repeat forever for the future. I am afraid of them. However, I also encounter occasionally the scene that makes me aware that I am a human being. It’s an “unnatural scene” that tells me that “human beings are the farthest from nature”. To record such a scene, I carry a camera with me. I will never deny animals and plants. But, I feel that I need to draw a borderline in somewhere to confirm my own contours.


BIO | Mankichi Shinshi (born in 1984) is street / documentary photographer based in Japan. He started photography in 2013 with self-taught style. And now, at various public places mainly in Asia, he’s walking around and taking photographs. It’s a seeking of the way of confronting the scenes where anyone can see ( =general society), with his individual eyes. He pushes the shutter button when he feels “something”, and names to “something” as a photo project. By stacking such activities, he tries to affirm this world’s fragments and his life one by one.