For those who do not know, «Kerala» is not just the title of this Street Photography series. Kerala is the southernmost state of India, and also it is the place where the photographer comes from.
Through several settings differing in time and space, these pictures explore how individuals blend into the urban. It is not a sentimental feeling that ties together the project, rather an inherent curiosity for what is happening before us. Henceforth, it is almost a childlike gaze. As a result, this photographic view on «Kerala» deepens the connections amongst people and places. Every candid frame seems to be part of a thoroughly designed theatre, and viewers get the impression of cinematic fiction unfolding before them.
The separation from his hometown gave the author the confidence he needed to portray his starting point. Above all, «Kerala» is a Street Photography series following an intrinsic strength and willingness to explore one’s roots and origins. It started in 2012, and the photographer has every intention of pursuing it further.


Manu Thomas is an Indian street photographer born in 1980 and based in Mumbai, India. He is currently working as a game developer. From early childhood to his coming of age, he used painting to express his creative side. While growing up and taking the first steps into the business world, painting was abandoned to make room for other interests. After a gap of almost ten years with no particular involvement in the arts, he picked up a camera in 2007 and has continued taking photographs ever since. After spending several years in Mumbai, he came back to his hometown and started documenting the southern India way of living.
Manu Thomas has been featured in several publications since 2010, with both interviews and honourable mentions.