“Waiting for Revelation” is an open project by Marco Giusfredi on women in Paris. There is no documentary intent, although in street photography there always is, beyond the photographer’s focus. What moves the author’s interest? Perhaps the answer can be found in the fact that, like all of us, he was born of a woman, or as Gustave Courbet would say, “L’origine du monde,” and perhaps does not yet know much about it. This must be what drives him to walk for hours to photograph these secret creatures, an archetypal need for discovery. In any case, he wants his photographs to speak for him, in an open and ongoing dialogue with the viewer.


Based in Paris, Marco Giusfredi photographs mainly in this city. His first approach was to go on the streets with his camera to photograph everything that could be considered interesting, then only what was interesting to him. He wants to continue on this path.