Colors of Cuba. Ogni nuovo mattino, uscirò per le strade cercando i colori.
Every new morning, I will go out into the streets looking for colors. “Cesare Pavese”

Photographer: Marco Martinazzo

Country: Italy

Bio: My name is Marco. I am 39 years old. I live in Italy, at Asolo, a medieval city in the province of Treviso, not too far from Venice. My true passion is photography. This love is still young because it is developed only in recent years as a natural consequence of my other great interest, the cinema. I started photographing just for fun, with few resources and no particular care, but step by step the game has finished becoming more and more serious. I’m looking for my identity as a photographer: my favorite style is the street photography.
My travels inspired me to create a collection of stories and to develop my portfolio.