Now Is A Direction. “In Marco Patassini’s works, “now” is a dynamic, decisive, anti-real place. His photographs are minimal representations, all flashes and blacks, characterized by the boundaries between clear and precise silouhette shapes, which immerse us in the illusion of being witnesses to an alien, synthesized, essentialized physical condition; a bold summary was served.
In fact, his is a more readable world – where visually the represented is a radical, binary narrative, capable of moving away from what has been there to make us enter the world of directives, fossilized compasses, monumental paths of an inevitable dynamism, that order us to follow them intensely.”

Photographer: Marco Patassini

Country: Italy

Bio: Marco Patassini is a 28-year-old Roman street photographer. His love and passion for photography was born in 2013 after attending his first photographic course with the “World Press” award photographer Fausto Podavini. Marco’s works invite to contemplate the metamorphosis of reality through the ‘decisive moment’ of his photographic recording. His goal is to create a new reality, a now portable, a present moment that does not cease to exist, with physical laws firm and to be studied.