Light and shadow in Rome. Over the years I have made a series of photos in the city of Rome, playing with the lights and contrasts, which have the distinction of making the ordinary extraordinary. For this reason, I have looked for the ideal situations and times for this photographic story.

Photographer: Maria Cingari

Country: Italy

Bio: I was born in southern Italy and specifically in Taormina (ME), my first memories related to photography are the images of Wilhelm Von Gloeden, a German photographer who lived in my hometown, leaving countless images of the Taormina landscape, but also artistic nudes of young Sicilians , the fascination that I tried to observe his works exposed in the photographic studio and at the home of my cousin photographers is still vivid. Despite all my studies took me elsewhere, I graduated in law in Rome, the city where I currently live and work. But photography has always been present in my life because it has a strong curiosity about me, 4 years ago after I was given a reflex, I decided to take training courses and since then I have not stopped. Over the years I have understood that I have a strong interest in social issues, in fact, I find my key to reading in street photography and social reportage. I like going out into the street with my camera and getting lost among the people, observing what is happening around me and conveying through my images the way I see and perceive life. The faces of passers-by, but also their movements, the way they interact in everyday life, are my main interest. Being able to tell it through photography is a privilege for me, for this reason, I never tend to ridicule a portrait subject is a form of respect that is essential for me.
My photos have been exhibited in several group exhibitions in Italy in the city of Rome, Pomezia, Milan, and Florence.