Marie-Sophie Deglume


Happening far away from the relentless and exhausting bustle of life and streets, far away from shapes, colours and noises, «(Mur)mures—Whispering to the Walls» is a secret tale.
The author decided to listen to the walls: driven to bring to life ephemeral and unexpected instants, she patiently waited for the right moment in the right place. Black and white fulfils the photographer’s desire to “say less” and craft soothing pictures for our hearts and eyes. Composition and layout are perfectly able to adjust to the subjects and voice coming through the narrative. In the whole series, we perceive a subtle, simple and intimate approach. The depiction of these moving moments aims to be poetic, modest and airy—the photographs are timidly captured and distant both to people and walls. Like an unforeseeable play, light and shadows adorn the pictures and bring forth a magical and lively aspect. Timeless.
«(Mur)mures—Whispering to the Walls» is a solo walk, waiting and welcoming whoever occurs. What we see is only an excerpt of a vast and broad collection, a body of work that reflects and captures the Moroccan life and spirit.


Marie-Sophie Deglume is a Belgium photographer who started taking minimalist street photography in Marrakech ten years ago. In 2017, she took part in the Moroccan Photography Festival “Les Nuits Photographiques d’Essaouira” with «(Mur)mures», the series she presented today as well. The project received great praise, and this recognition kept her going out and shooting with her own sensibility. Throughout her stays in the country, she carried on her visual study broadly.
Marie-Sophie Deglume has always been fascinated by the play of light and shadows. In Morocco, she found the ideal playing field to fully express her creativity, inspired by this wonderful country and the exhibition of life it offers.