Chance. Humans have a huge tendency to seek motivations for a chance. When we hear a story about a mugging that ended with the death of the victim, the first thing we ask is “but did the guy react?” Trying to find a justification for that tragedy. The fact that there is no reason for such an episode bothers us, reminds us of our fragility and our lack of control over the events of our lives.
I have been waging an internal battle with a chance for a long time, sometimes accepting it, sometimes not. Maybe due to my strong sense of justice together with the fact that I don’t believe in fate or in the existence of divine power, events at chance have always taken on a large proportion on me and sensitized me greatly and still do. It turns out that, depending on my state of mind, the unpredictable can be a meditation that gives me pleasure or that brings me anguish. And in these last times, it has only been anguish.
However, reading Ronaldo Entler’s article “Photography and chance: the expression of encounters and accidents”, I realized the real importance of chance in my life. I not only do not avoid it as I am always in search of it, and this search is mainly through photography. Photography, especially street photography, is the story of chance. The photographer seeks a configuration of the uncertain and the unpredictable, without such characteristics ceasing to exist.
My passion for photography, which has surfaced in recent times, is precisely because of this: it gives beauty to what most moves me and sensitizes me, a chance.

Photographer: Mario Victor Bergo Crosta

Country: Brasil

Bio: I was born in São Paulo in 1996, but I grew up in Atibaia, a small city near São Paulo. At the age of 18 I moved to São Paulo to do law school. However, the course did not please me and today I study visual arts. When I moved to São Paulo I started to photograph. The city, its inhabitants, the colors and the light caused me this need to capture the moments.