‘Unreality’ or ‘The World is a More Beautiful Place Through the Eyes of a Photographer’. This project is a reflection of the weird things you can see if you know how to look. On my photographic journey I have learnt how to see, and I find the world much more beautiful as a result. This is not something I was expecting when I took up photography, but life is so much more joyful as a result.

Photographer: Mark Heathcote

Country: United Kingdom

Bio: Mark is an award-winning photographer based in the UK, winning best in show at the London Photography Festival in 2014, as well as having his work shown in several publications and exhibitions.
Mark is not (usually) trying to portray anything deep in his photographs; He does it because he loves it. He strives to improve and to produce images that are interesting and somewhat different to the norm. This is particularly apparent in his ‘Unreality’ project.
Mark has become increasingly popular through his Twitter posts where he shares inspiration and sometimes the background into his photographic process.