I see street photography as a moment to myself, where I discover happily the people. It makes me feel good, and it is my way to experience a deep contact with everyday life. I like to photograph ordinary people in the street, my shots are candid, not posed, I look for in the faces of the people a history to tell. I think to have not a definite and personal style and, for the moment, I don’t care. Color, B&W, lights, and especially flash are the techniques that I use to express my artistic way, trying to reach a connection with the observer. However, my journey has just begun.

Photographer: Massimiliano Faralli

Country: Italy

Bio: Born and raised in Tuscany in Prato, a medieval city surrounded by an industrial landscape. I work as an architect. I started taking pictures in the 90s while attending university courses in the city of Florence. My interests were the portraits of friends in black and white film that I printed by myself. After a long break, I recently approached street photography and I am enthusiastic about it. Now the photography occupies my leisure time my life.