“Nothing to tell, just look!” is the statement this photographer passed onto us when discussing his photographs. It is indeed a bold statement, all things considered: today is rare to find an author who wishes for his work only to be felt, not described.
The following series is just about that. Inspired by snap-shot pictures, this photographer wanders along the streets and captures reality in a frame of a second. Film is the key to collect bold impressions of humanity in the urban space. Coming from the digital era where everything is fast-paced, this «Untitled» series wants you to stop and reconsider. The eye flies on the faces, the places, and the flashes in these pictures. In every photograph, we can find a candid snap-shot of an endlessly revolving universe. We can place clothes, cars, accessory in the present time; despite this, black and white puts some space between us and the subjects.
As long as the photographer is able to press the shutter, «Untitled» is and will always be an ongoing series.


Matthias Franke is a German photographer based in Siegen, Germany. Born in 1964, he grew up in a small village near his hometown. From the age of nine, photography accompanied him through all his life, and interesting situations and photographs followed. In 1980 he started working in a photography studio, and by the end of the decade, he inaugurated his own business.
Photography for Franke originated with snapshots, and up to today an identical attitude brings him out every day to take one-shot photographs of people. For him, seeing his photos printed out on photographic paper is as important as to take them. One camera, one lens, a few rolls of film and a good pair of shoes: that is, the adventure begins. He walks on the street and collects impressions and moments of strangers on the go.