Md. Zobayer Hossain Joati

BANGLADESH. Md. Zobayer Hossain Joati’s series “WE LIVE TO FIGHT” has been selected as one of the finalist in the 2022 Eyeshot Open Call series category.

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Md. Zobayer Hossain Joati

“We Live to Fight”

In Bangladesh, martial arts hold a storied history and multifaceted presence. Originating during the British colonial era, these traditional fighting techniques initially served to safeguard villagers from oppressive Zamindars (landowners) and their tax-collecting enforcers. The discipline gained official recognition post-liberation with the establishment of the Bangladesh Judo and Karate Federation in 1972 and the Bangladesh Martial Art Confederation in 1997.

Today, the art form wears many hats: a sport, a means of self-defense, and even a component of military training.

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The Multifaceted World of Bangladeshi Martial Arts

Various clubs offer specialized self-defense courses aimed at equipping children and women to combat sexual harassment. In addition to practical applications, martial arts have permeated entertainment—making regular appearances in films and television dramas.

WE LIVE TO FIGHT is an ongoing project that explores the underlying cultures, lifestyles, history, individual stories, politics, and underground fighting scenarios of different martial art communities in Bangladesh.

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Open Call Eyeshot 2023

Eyeshot Magazine #11 | Open Call 23 Edition

The 11th issue of Eyeshot Magazine is an eco-sustainable, limited edition work of art, printed in Italy on premium paper. Our dedicated team of 4 invested 3,000 hours to successfully conclude the 2023 Open Call. This year’s theme, “The Human Being,” explores diverse human experiences through photography. With an impressive 15,000 submissions from over 100 countries, the issue showcases a global perspective on street and documentary photography.

Zobayer Joti

The Photographer

Known by his pseudonym Zobayer Joti, Md. Zobayer Hossain Joati hails from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Although he completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, his true calling lay in photography. Driven by this passion, he pursued a professional diploma in Photography from Counter Foto.

Specializing in Documentary and Fine Art genres, his work delves into an array of socio-political themes, including gender equality, cultural norms, and the lives of marginalized communities.

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Eyeshot Open Call 2023: A Global Stage for Emerging and Established Photographers

The road to this moment has been a compelling journey of dedication and effort. Our tight-knit, passionate team of four has poured over 3,000 hours into realizing Eyeshot Open Call 2023, laboring tirelessly seven days a week. This year’s theme, “The Human Being,” has offered us a lens to explore the complexity and diversity of human experiences. From the dynamic pulse of cityscapes to the serene moments in rural life; from unguarded moments to intricate human narratives, the competition has received an astonishing 15,000 entries from more than 100 countries. The resulting body of work has been nothing short of a testament to the depth of creativity and passion that exists in the world of photography.

Guiding us through the meticulous selection process was a panel of highly-regarded jurors, a constellation of experts and luminaries in the field: Trent Parke, F. Dilek Yurdakul, Mark Abramson, Isadora Kosofsky, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, Kitra Cahana, Richard Koci Hernandez, Narelle Autio, Emin Özmen, and our very own Marco Savarese, the visionary behind Eyeshot.