St Kilda Beach, Melbourne Australia against a blue sky backdrop. People playing, moving and living. Ageless, equal, human and the same as you and I. To be able to freeze a second in time at a place I go to for relaxation, is meditative. To participate in, and celebrate this moment in time, is exhilarating. It’s one of the most amazing places to take candid photographs, for no other reason than people are in their own worlds, are relaxed, and are subconsciously playing for the camera, even when oblivious to it.

Photographer: Michael Zikaras

Country: Australia

Bio: Michael took up street photography just 4 years ago, and has since developed a very distinctive style, featuring strong use of colours, combined with light and shade. He comes from a long linage of prominent sculptors (his father and grandfather), and creates photographs as his primary artistic outlet. He is not strictly black and white nor only colour, but, as he likes to refer to his pictures as, black and colour.