“Vedi Napoli e poi muori” (see Naples and then die) was a common expression, echoed especially on his grand tour by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, to identify Naples as the most beautiful city in the world; so beautiful that one could die after visiting it, no longer needing to see anything else. In this series “Moments”, Michele Liberti collects single shots that together try to tell the story of the city where he lives. Of course, these are only a small part of the photos he has taken of his hometown, which he considers a constant and endless source of inspiration.


Michele Liberti was born in Naples, Italy, 59 years ago. He has always been attracted to photography since he was young. He started again with photography after a break of twenty years, around 2009, and has not left it since.
His photos have been exhibited in different parts of the world, and in addition, he had the honor of being a finalist at the Miami Street Festival in 2016, at the Urban Picnic Street Photography in 2015 and also at the EyeEm awards 2016.