Most of our memories are idealised. We think we recall a specific moment in time in the same way it happened, although we don’t, as it did not occur as we remember. «The gardens from the sky | First Love» represents a manifesto of all the lives we have never lived and will never live.
Every time Monia Marchionni gets lost in her hometown by the sea, she wonders about her first love. You cannot escape your past. However, you can put it on a pedestal and look at it with a different gaze. Over time, most of the moments you lived become romanticised narratives of poetic visions. We do that to preserve the truth of an intimate feeling from a broader view that could demolish them. 24 hours expand into 24 months, and all the people are part of a story with an open ending.
«The gardens from the sky | First Love» is structured with two opposed macro themes: the sea and the country are the fil rouges tying the photographs together. You can witness a universal perspective that flows into the microcosm of everyone’s life. The author is planning to develop the series further in the coming years.


Monia Marchionni is an Italian photographer based in Porto San Giorgio, Italy.
She holds a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy. Later on, she graduated in the History of Contemporary Art, too. During those years, she wrote articles and had a job at FMR publishing house. There, she discovered some of the great masters of photography.
After that, she pursued her new passion by learning the basics of photography. She felt the need to develop a style that could help her show reality as she perceived it. As a result, she entered the world of photography as a research method.
In 2019, Monia Marchionni won the Life Framer Award in London, UK. The selected photograph belonged to the series «The gardens from the sky». In 2021, she won third place in The Independent Photographer, an Honorable Mention at the SIPA Award 2020, and at the IPA Award 2020. Her work has been published in a number of magazines, exhibitions, and art fairs in Europe and worldwide.