While taking pictures on the street, Muhammad Imam Hasan saw so many twins that this gave him the inspiration to create his “Identical” project. In recent years, he had also seen so many twins in his private practice – he is a child doctor – and noticed that this is a growing phenomenon. It may be due to taking drugs that induce ovulation, as the number of infertile couples increases day by day as an effect of environmental pollution.
About 1 in 90 human births – 1.1% – results from a twin pregnancy. Interestingly, in addition to identical faces, they also have certain types of identical behaviors and disease patterns. However, even though the twins are identical in their faces, they are different in their personalities. While one twin is frowning, the other is smiling.


Muhammad Imam Hasan was born and raised in the capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Imam is professionally a child specialist working at Shishu Hospital in Dhaka and a passionate street photographer. He is a Fujifilm X Bangladesh photographer and a faculty member at Counter Foto Institute. He started photography in 2013 by capturing photographs of his daughter. Then, his deep interest grew day by day and eventually he started pursuing street photography. He enrolled in Pathshala in March 2013 and completed the basic and foundation course on photography. At first, he liked to photograph travel or lifestyle, but since January 2014, he started to take street photography very seriously. He likes to evaluate his work as a unique composition of complex layers, emotions and precious moments of people in the city of Dhaka. His work has appeared in several national and international newspapers, magazines and social media. Imam has won several national and international awards, including the StreetFoto Sanfrancisco 2017 single image category. He has conducted several workshops on street photography at home and abroad and has been a judge in several national and international photography competitions, including StreetFoto San Francisco and the London Street Photography Festival. He is a founding member of Insight Collective (Bangladeshi street photography collective) and a member of Little Box Collective (international street photography collective).