The relationship between humans and nature dates back a long time. In 2020, the pandemic taught us again how to respect nature and its resources. «Echo of Nature & Humanity» becomes the emblem of this evergreen relationship.
At the first moment, we were all confined to our houses. When the situation came slightly under control, the photographer started roaming through the countryside with all precautions. He started using telephoto lenses so that he could maintain an adequate distance from other people. After visiting this place for months, Navin Kumar Vatsa realised the extraordinary and divine connectivity between humans and nature under the foggy surroundings of winter. He started observing humans and their activities, especially in the early morning, which can establish a better connection with the emotions of such an environment. His patience paid off with various natural and connecting moments where habits were taking shape as unforgettable stories.
«Echo of Nature & Humanity» is the photographer’s most self-inspiring project developed within the fear of the Covid-19 pandemic. The series was candid and not staged or planned. He will continue shooting during winters from November 2021 onwards with the hope for a better tomorrow.


Navin Kumar Vatsa is a street and travel photographer from India. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications and started his journey in photography with a simple point-and-shoot camera by capturing family moments. This happened almost 18 years back, but life has its plans while you are busy with your own. After some up and downs, while flipping through old family albums, he realised his calling. In 2014, Navin Kumar Vatsa did not think twice before leaving his 16-year long career as a teacher and administrator in a reputed University to turn a full-time photographer.
His photography has been published in more than 20 national and international magazines. Navin Kumar Vatsa has been a contributing photographer for the National Geographic YourShot in 2020 and worked for the Government of Delhi, India. He is also a mentor for TAMRON India.
Currently, he is working on a project named «Water and We» related to the pollution of the river Yamuna and its impact on us. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the project experienced a stop — he hopes to carry it further after vaccination.