Voice, either silent or loud | Street photography is not just a genre to Navin Vatsa, rather it defines his personality and character. It has given him a way of understanding himself: who I am? why I am? What to see? What to compose in the form of a story, either small or large?
‘I believe in imagination that comes from observing various situations that I encounter, either in my city Delhi or at my hometown, or traveling to many other places’.
In the last 3 years, Navin Vatsa has been working on the concept of ‘Travel-Street’, where the main priorities are on moments as well as bringing out the essence of place too: ‘I am very much close to nature, and almost all my images depict the hidden part of my personality’.
Nature is pure, so the Street is; here we can’t manipulate things. The whole surrounding is a big stage for us but the moments that we capture are un-staged. When we are on the street, we have to keep our eyes active all the time. ‘I always try to look for extraordinary moments that can’t be produced again. I always try to find some story from most ordinary-looking situations that can communicate something.’


BIO | Navin Vatsa started his journey in photography with a simple point and shoot Kodak K-10 with the sole intention to capture family moments almost 14 years back. But life has its own plans while you are busy with your own.
After his wife’s accidental death in 2009, the loneliness and responsibilities towards his Son as a single parent completely consumed him and the love for photography lingered on. One day while flipping through old family albums, he realised his calling. He didn’t think twice before leaving his 16 years long teaching and administrative career in a reputed University to turn a full-time photographer. His life as an educator and administrator helped him find the maturity to visualise and develop ideas and implement them through his photography.
In his own words ‘Photography is my meditation, my stress buster’.
Navin Vatsa has been awarded and recognized by various International and National organization of repute such as National Geographic, UNESCO, Sony World, Sony India, Indian Photography festival, 2018, Creative Image Magazine, Camarena Academy (Best photographer of the year 2016 and awarded by Sir Raghu Rai for the same).
Recently his photograph received the award of Indian Photo of the Year 2018 by Sony India again. In ‘SONY World Photography Award 2017’ one of his photograph of Travel category got placed within top 50 and exhibited at the prestigious Somerset House, London for 15 days. His 22 pages Artwork with the complete story ‘Marbles of Faith’ on Jama Masjid and ‘Yamuna Ghat, Delhi’ got published in Sept 2017 and in Jan 2018 and applauded nationally.
In a project of Government of Delhi, He has contributed with 12 photographs for 12 months of their Annual Calendar and Annual official Diary twice in the year 2018 & 2019.