I like the street | and I enjoy watching those scenes that often go unnoticed by most people. People often walk cramped in their world, or they walk in haste and without just contemplating what happens around them. Many times they are the protagonists of those scenes that I like to discover. In my photos, I try to record what catches my attention and also what, for some reason or another, turns on a small light in my brain. If there is also a hint of humour, much better.


BIO | I was born in Seville in 1957, August 19th, World Photography Day. That day in 1839 the invention was officially announced in the Paris Academy of Sciences. Casualty?
My first contact with photography was when I was 17 years old when I bought my first reflex camera.
In 1981, cartoonist Emilio Rioja put me in touch with Teresa Adán, in order to work as a reporter with this journalist. Together we covered the Worl Cup Championship from 1982 in Seville, besides a number of interviews with famous people from the art scene in different fields.
Later, I also published pictures in some foreign newspapers, like ‘O Pais’ from Portugal, or the journal ‘El Globo’ from Venezuela.
Against what it is recommended by a lot of photographers, I have tried different variants and subjects: nature, portrait, landscape, urban photography, etc. However, most of my pictures and my preferences have always been landscape and, currently, urban or «street» photography.
I never stop getting training attending talks, workshops, and specialized courses, because in this fascinating world we are always learning. And that is part of my current goals: learn and express myself as well as I can; no more… and no less.