This «Untitled» series is the result of long hours of observation of the world. The author presents high contrast photographs with a strong narrative, and they all manifest an inherent curiosity for human behaviour and attitude.
In the pictures, the viewer can see high admiration for the photographed subjects, both human and inanimate. This sensibility comes from the photographer’s perspective and ability to catch just the right frame in the right time and place. The use black-and-white ties the photographs to a detail-oriented narrative. Where one can spot no colours, the attention is captured by shapes and overall movement in the frame.
Instinct is the keyword. The author did not stage the photographs, and at the beginning, they were not part of the same project. This «Untitled» series is still a work in progress and, as the author put it, it is a journey of revelations yet to discover.


Nikos Konidaris is a Greek photographer born in Athens, Greece in 1976. He studied Hospitality Management in the island of Rhodes, Greece.
His involvement with photography started in 2016 when he attended the photography seminars of Lukas Vasilikos. His interest in the human condition prompted him to start taking photographs and build visual stories. Later, he took photography lessons with Achilles Nasios and Vasilis Gerontakos, as well as a portfolio review with Ilias Georgiadis. He was asked to take part in the fourth edition of Eastreet (Street Photography of Eastern Europe) held in 2017, with an apparition both in the book and the exhibition.
In 2020, he was a finalist in the Italian Street Photo Festival in Singles category, and placed first in Photo Slam at Head-On Photography Festival. In 2019, he was the winner of Photo Slam in Miami Street Photography Festival.