Something happened in Chumphon.
Sea : Feelings : Imagination
Beauty peace mystery unpredictability insanity… There are thousands of different definitions for the sea. It depends on what ones have experienced– every moment, every incident that has made them feel. Sea is various. It’s like a sea of imagination in my mind. Whenever I look through the sea, it’s like how I go through my mind, discovering something deep down under my consciousness. We will never discover ourselves if we never have someone else to reflect ourselves upon. Our mind and thoughts never stop. It’s always ready to change just like a sea.

Photographer: Noppadol Maitreechit

Country: Thailand

Bio: I live in my hometown, Chumphon, it’s in the south of Thailand on the east coast. If anyone has been to Kho Toa or Kho Samui you definitely passed my province. In the past, my path had changed by many turns. After I graduated in film study, I worked in the industry for a while. Then I went to New Zealand to worked as a help cook. It was a great oversea experience to lived and see a multicultural society. I was happy there but it ends in just 4 years. I came back to Thailand and figure it out what to do next. I also took pictures from that period but not very serious about it. It’s just to keep my memories. Now I had a small restaurant with my wife in my hometown. It’s a job that could give me freedom and that’s what I needed.