As we all know, sadness is an emotional pain associated with or characterised by feelings of disadvantage, loss, despair, grief, helplessness, disappointment and sorrow. Indeed, sadness is one of the basic human emotions we are born with, and this feeling will accompany us during our most proving times. Nonetheless, if fate is gracious to us, we will get to experience it only in rare moments during our whole life. In his series, «Sad seconds», Norbert Farkas tries to capture moments of everyday life in which sadness is felt as an individual emotion, with personal obligations and exclusive reactions. Going through the project, from the first image to the latter, we could almost taste such sense of discomfort he is trying to convey in his pictures. We could awkwardly be walking alongside kissing lovers, or witnessing the unsettling view of spilt sauce on a supermarket’s floor.
«Sad seconds» is a journey in everyone’s life, a collection of images taken to represent the distress we experience daily and we fail to notice and record. If the odds are in his favour, he takes the picture for all of us.


Norbert Farkas is a Hungarian photojournalist based in Budapest, Hungary. Photography became one of his passion in 2006. He spent a couple of years — from 2012 to 2013 — living in Spain and, during this period of opportunities, he realised how he was mainly interested in pursuing street photography. Since then, photography never left him, playing a relevant part in further shaping his life and developing his unique style. In 2017 he completed the photojournalism program at the MÚOSZ (György Bálint School of Journalism, Hungary). In the last years, he dedicated himself to street photography and documentary research thanks to his current employment and by becoming a member of Hungary’s first street photography collective called “norma_norma_norma”, founded in 2014.