My eyes on Cuba. I am an Israeli photojournalist from Jerusalem who works for the largest newspaper in Israel. For two years from 2014 and 2015, the security situation in Israel and particularly in Jerusalem began to be very bad, Almost every day there was a terror attack in the city, a very difficult mental confrontation. When the situation calmed down, I had to clean my head and realize an old dream and go to Cuba for three weeks, I traveled all over the country alone, met a lot of interesting people, I was in crazy situations, dangerous places I thought I did not know how to get out of them, I define myself a photographer and documentary photographer together kind of combination, Which allows me to play between street scenes and the challenge of documentary photography in situations in dangerous places that I was not always welcome there. Cuba for me is like one big charm, I’m just waiting to get back there.

COUNTRY | Israel

BIO | Ohad Zwigenberg is an Israeli press/pr/and events photographer based in Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv who specializing in portraits and urban documented projects. Ohad’s work is presented at Yedioth Ahronoth, national, local newspapers and a variety of galleries, His work revolves around marginal subjects, situations, and locations cauterizing irony, sadness, loneliness and the moments in life that pass us by.