Con Su Permisso. In 2012 i made a road trip through Argentina followed by a public transport trip through Bolivia, Peru and Panama. For 4 months my only occupation was taking photographs. This is a small selection.

COUNTRY | Belgium

BIO | Born Monday 2nd of April 1973 Gent (Belgium). As a kid I wasn’t much a reader, I watched the pictures of my favorite in comics over and over again. Now I’m treating the books of my favorite photographers no different … a good habit. 1993 Finally a school degree .. as a car mechanic, but realized soon after “I don’t want to be a car mechanic”. Started Evening Photography class in September 2000 for 6 years at ST-Lucas Academy in Gent. The academy was 4 minutes walk from my home. 2003 at the age of 30 ‘I want to be a photographer’. January 2012, left to photograph Latin America with a hunger to photograph street life.