he State of Israel has always been a place in which is relatively difficult to live in economically and security-wise. Sometimes, even socio-cultural issues arise. The current year, 2020 and its pandemic, did not make it any easier.
The community suffered from the plague, taxes, unemployment, heat, a lack of trust in the government. As a result, people came out protesting on the streets, where people faced severe violence from the authorities. Government corruption took over, and even the airports were closed—those who wanted to flee the country could not do so in any way. The pressure was coming from everywhere, anytime. Figuratively speaking, over-inflation, or putting too much air in the tire, is a common mistake. Sometimes, if there is too much pressure, the tires can explode. The moment before that happened, Israelis left everything behind and fled to the beach, savouring it just before it was closed.
«No Pressure» is still an ongoing project. Originally started somewhere in 2017, the author still plans on developing it further.


Omri Shomer is a street and documentary photographer from Israel, raised in Ge’a, a small village in the south of Israel. He started filming and taking photographs at the age of 13, when his father bought him an 8mm video camera. He became obsessed with documenting everything in his surroundings while using a 35mm pocket camera as well. He never stopped recording both people and situations since. Recently, he worked as a copywriter in advertising agencies for seven years, side by side with other creative figures. Through his work, he had the opportunity to deepen his relationship with the visual arts. His photography style shifted to a more fashionable approach.
His work has been featured in magazines, blogs, and galleries around the world. He was a finalist in the London photo festival in 2017, and the winner of the IP Street photography contest in 2018. He is also a Fujifilm X-photographer.