This «Untitled» series hides a secret fascination with everything that goes untold – or rather unnoticed – in this world.
The photographer’s attraction to cities, their people and the many different stories that take place on the streets have made street photography a very fun, challenging and quite an obsessive part of her life. There is a magical feeling which makes it even more exciting and mysterious: there are times when one turns randomly around, right at the very second something interesting is going on behind us. Catching details is the ability to see beyond the surface, and in this «Untitled» series we get a whole narrative based on the superb glimpse of an eye.
Besides this, the author finds taking photographs on the street a way to escape from daily issues. Having an insecure, impulsive and extrovert disposition, wandering around helps the photographer calm down. Sometimes, on the contrary, it makes her heart pound to release adrenalin into the body. Either way, she finds it all extremely fascinating.


Orietta Gelardin Spinola is a Spanish graphic designer, born in Madrid to an American father and an Italian mother. Throughout her life, she always felt very inspired by her mother’s social photography, as well as by one of her three brothers who used to shoot on the streets during the 70s-80s. Now that she looks back, she realised her turning point with photography happened while in college (first in NYC, then in London), where she fell in love with it spending much of her spare time both on the street and in a dark room. The birth of her only daughter also got the photographer going quite obsessively taking family photos on a daily basis. Even though her daughter is 21 now, she still harasses her with no pity whatsoever.