My attraction to cities, their people and the many different stories that take place on the streets have made this type of photography a fun and quite an obsessive part of my life. For some reason, there is a strong connection between them and me and vice versa. Somehow, for a split of a second, I manage to dive into their lives. An expression, a gesture or even just a composition help me convey what I feel is their reality. Besides this, light, shades and geometry play a very important role in these images.

Photographer: Orietta Gelardin Spinola

Country: Spain

Bio: I am a Graphic Designer born in Madrid (Spain) from an American father and an Italian mother, currently living between Madrid and Rome (Italy). My love for photography dates back to my late teens when, extremely inspired by my mother’s social photography and my brother Frank’s photojournalism, I spent most of my time at school in a dark room. This passion has but increased ever since. It has done so to such an extent that lately, and more precisely street photography, has become a way of escaping and isolating myself from the rest of my daily issues.