DayLife Bogota. That’s Bogota, the city where everything happens but nothing happens. An overcrowded city with a poor transport system, where peace was as important as the empanada in the morning.
A dangerous city agitated and also calm at the same time. I Walk through the neighborhoods of Bogota for three years, discovering the good, the bad, the beautiful, the fun, the sad and the colorful of the city. That is my city, day to day of my city, a working city that never stops and that shelters in its interior more peronas of outside that born in she herself. That’s my Bogota, a religious and satanic city too … I’ll continue walking its streets, discovering its white, its black, its warm and its cold, this is my Bogota, the city where I grew up, the city where I live.

Photographer: Ovidio Gonzalez Soler

Country: Colombia

Bio: I’m a photographer who is carried away by intuition and improvisation, I’m looking for striking elements: strange characters, contrasts of light and color, shadows, reflections, I follow the light and transform spaces and simple situations into scenes full of tension, feeling and drama, I put several elements in the frame and have them talk to each other. I look for the mysterious, the intimacy, what is not seen, I look for special moments that help me to show and tell my ideas in a poetic way. I’m a person who is very easy to love, simplicity and complicity with the space as well as empathy with people are a reflection of my personality and are evident in my work. He worked as a photojournalist in the newspaper QHubo Bogotá and Unimedios of the National University, his documentary work has been published by PossitiveMagazzine, Plano Brasil Agency, Semana Magazine and Revista Cartel Urbano, he is a contributor to the GettyImages agency and he works doing documentary photography workshops and urban photography at the national level, is currently XPhotographer of Fujifilm.