There comes a day when, because of bitterness, we become so indifferent that nothing can touch us. Everything seems so familiar. Everything ends and begins again. It is the time of exile and decadence, the death of the soul. Some mornings, at the turn of the road, a sweet dewdrop falls into the heart, leaves its taste and disappears. Its cool breeze, however, remains and this is what our heart longs for. This is the point from which Petros Kotzabasis wants to restart with his photography.


Petros Kotzabasis’ starting point in his approach to photography is a quote from Odysseas Elytis, an eminent Greek poet, which reads as follows: “With lime twigs you can catch birds, but you will never catch their song. You need another kind of twig…”. His “project” Revelation is actually a lifelong project that will come to an end once his life cycle is over. He hopes that each of his photos will convey to the viewer the intensity he feels when lifting his camera, opening up little cracks in the solid wall of reality, allowing him to see beyond and above reality and its laws. Thus, he follows exactly the opposite path from those involved in commemorative photography, who use photography as a means to show reality. He uses reality to make pictures trying to give shape to something that pre-existed in him and at the same time giving back to life itself what he borrowed for a single moment, but in an altered form dictated by his spirit.