“American Decorum” evokes a certain nostalgia, an almost obsolete, long-forgotten America, whose colors are now a little faded. However, symbols of the past are still strong. Deep down, they always awaken a remote part of our dreams. Philippe Blayo looks for what characterizes America and summarizes it with quiet photographs of American symbols. His pictures are then able to reconstitute the narrative later on. There is a strive for being elsewhere, going on an adventure on the road.
“American Decorum” speaks of a certain America. Unquestionably, it is not one of the business centers, avant-garde technologies, or luxurious complexes. “American Decorum” describes a country rooted in the past, a deeper country and far less sanitized. It is a series about nature, life, death, beliefs, hope. It shows how we constantly cultivate nostalgia to cling to with our nails and fingers.


Philippe Blayo is a French street and urban photographer based near Paris, France. He has been shooting for more than a decade now after a long break in his early 20s. At 40, he completely restarted from scratches — mid-life crisis, he supposes. In street photography, he finds a way to express himself influenced by a contemporary Anglo-Saxon style. He is very keen on the urban environment. This approach led him to develop many personal projects in cities of the French suburbs, although not exclusively.
Philippe Blayo focuses on the identity of people in their environment and specific places. As a psychologist, he is interested in our singularity as human beings in a much bigger world than nations and countries. Today, his next projects aim to depict the North of France. Philippe Blayo has the ultimate hope to show his work in a book since it is his opinion that it is one of the best ways to develop a vision and let people’s imagination work.