Ian Weldon

Photography | I wouldn’t say that there is any project in particular.
As with everything else I do, I just photograph what interests me and that’s people. Rather than having any predetermined idea of what I want to photograph. I apply my process to the act and the lines are becoming blurred with the multiple the project I’m working on.
It’s just becoming one project about the things I see, and my relationship to those things. These photographs may have been made on the street, or out in public, but I’ve no interest in trying to define them by any genre.

COUNTRY | United Kingdom

BIO | Ian Weldon works as a documentary photographer in the North of England predominantly photographing weddings, whilst working on long term personal projects and commercial assignments. With only a brief period of studying photography at a local college, Ian is primarily self-taught.
He has lectured on photography history at the Sunderland Visual and Performing Arts College on their access program and delivered a beginner’s photography course. His project, ‘I Am Not A Wedding Photographer’, was recently exhibited at the Martin Parr Foundation in Bristol, and he has been featured worldwide in major publications including, The Guardian, The British Journal of Photography, Vice, Creative Review, BBC World News and CNN to name but a few. A book of the work has been co-published by RRB Books and The Martin Parr Foundation. Ian is also author and host of the fortnightly photography podcast, OuterFocus.