The extraordinary that lies behind the ordinary | These photos are not part of a specific project, but of a personal journey that has led me in recent years to explore the most intimate aspects of my inner experience through the shots taken in various locations around the world.
I confess: I am absolutely ignorant of the great masters of photography and my academic career was purely technical, but I always had a great curiosity about the world and this was the motivation that pushed me to visit over 50 countries.
I was attracted to naturalistic and landscape photography initially, but in recent years interest has turned to people.
My personal perspective tries to get out of the clichés, to seek the extraordinary that lies behind the ordinary.
I don’t have a well-defined style yet, I am at ease with both reportage and street photography, which I often alternate in the context of a single photographic output based on the emotion that pervades me observing a scene.
I often like to use people I meet as “unwitting” actors in the film of my life, sometimes creating “visionary” stories.
Recently I accompany the photographs of a description and a sentence that completes and describes the particular emotion I felt in making it. I never print my shots.
I will only present them on my Instagram profile that I discovered a couple of years ago and that allowed me through the photographic language to meet wonderful people from all over the world with whom to share small portions of the extraordinary show of life every day…


BIO | I was born in the province of Verona Italy more than half-century ago.
I have been working for many years in a company that deals with interior design, while my shots were taken for a long time with automatic settings.
Only recently did I get into photography as an expressive language that allows me to manage my camera and, in the meantime, balance my life.