NEW YORK 4EVER | For as long as I have been photographing, my approach has been direct: I simply prioritized capturing and collecting with my camera. Overtly conceptualizing then producing a body of work hasn’t motivated me. Although, recently I felt the need to enter my work in a new way.

COUNTRY | United States

BIO | Last month I found an old, unused 11”x14” portfolio book, and entered my most powerful images to it with little regard to any kind of order. I began showing the portfolio to everyone – I let family, friends and work colleagues say whatever they wanted and I took everything in without question.
The feedback from people in my circle was so engaging that I put the portfolio in my backpack and shared it with photographers and artists I bumped into during my days out shooting. People were eager and spent time with me focusing, sequencing, and editing it down- finding threads I’d never seen and setting a pace. I am grateful to everyone who helped.
After weeks of unrelenting editing, I began to see myself in my portfolio. My earliest photographs started with self-portraits, and somehow I see this body of work just as true as any picture of me could be.
So here are images from the collection I carry in my backpack.