Pranto Nayan

Flash in street | This is a selection of photographs that are part of a series taken with the flash by Pranto Nayan.

COUNTRY | Bangladesh

BIO | My photography journey started back in 2013 with just mobile phones. Then I continued for a while with a digital camera also. As I had no camera of my own I used to borrow cameras from my seniors and brother just to take photos. I was so passionate about this and literally no matter what I kept on clicking photos. Initially, I used to click every type of photos but gradually my philosophy changed. In 2017 I got my own camera. A Nikon 7100 with an 18-55mm lens. Then after one year, I shifted to Canon 6D and Sigma 1.4mm lens. Throughout this journey, I went through many struggles but never leave my passion, and just with my beliefs that I can I still stand strong and continuing my journey. For me, photography is the reflected image of my mind. Whatever I see I try to frame them in a camera. I think photography is magic as it has changed my life drastically and for which I feel blessed. My work is published son many newspapers, 121 clicks, some photo exhibitions. I also run Street photography Bangladesh magazine, I also a member of Narayanganj Photography society and I do my professional work in Chitrogolpo.