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    On this issue of Eyeshot, Marco Savarese throws down a challenge to Charalampos Kydonakis, Rammy Narula, Ania Klosek, Jesse Marlow and Maciej Dakowicz: to talk about Flora and Fauna through street photography.
    Nature and animals are undisputed protagonists in art, from Palaeolithic cave paintings up to Maurizio Cattelan’s avant-garde provocations. But how can street photography, which is intrusive, frenetic and eager for contemporaneity, talk about something that lives without being aware of the era it belongs to?
    Can such an art, that lives thanks to the moment, represent timeless forms of life?
    The lesson you learn from Flora and Fauna is the ability to adapt to a world that flows so fast and selfishly, that you forgot who was occupying it before us.


    Marco Savarese, Editor in Chief, has invited five artists to answer some questions in the new issue of Eyeshot, in order to build a complex story on tendencies, excesses, cultural and social differences that walk down the urban catwalks all around the world. The selections of artists such as Suzan Pektaş, Graciela Magnoni, Gustavo Minas, Tavepong Pratoomwong and David Gibson talk about a fashion which is pretty far from haute couture, but it isn’t unrelated to the Fashion System mechanisms. According to the five “guest photographers”, who have been invited to offer their point of view to Eyeshot, Street Fashion looks like a Fashion Week with no red carpets nor celebrities.
    Moreover, we dedicated two sections to the winners of the London Street Photography Festival and of the Australia’s International Photography Festival, both of which are Eyeshot partners.


    For the first time Eyeshot is hosting 5 guest photographers that will chose the best “Street Jungle“ shot. The result, with the Curator and Editing of Marco Savarese, is a collection of 105 photographs from 35 different countries.

    PAGES: 186 pages in full color and black-and-white.
    5 GUEST PHOTOGRAPHERS: Matt Stuart, Shin Noguchi, Julie Hrudova, Vineet Vohra, Katarzyna Kubiak.
    PHOTOGRAPHERS: 105 Street photographers.
    COUNTRIES: 35 from 5 Continents.
    EDITOR AND CURATOR: Marco Savarese, Italy.
    COVER IMAGE: Shin Noguchi, Japan.


    Ever notice how quick the flash is on a camera? That’s how fast other types of flashes are, including the super-fast superhero The Flash.

    Whether you’re talking about a flash of lighting or a flash of insight, a flash is quick and bright and sudden. There aren’t any slow, long flashes. Because flashes are so fast, the word is often used for anything that happens really quickly: a flash is as fast as a New York minute, the blink of an eye, a heartbeat, an instant, a jiffy, or a split second.

    PAGES: 152 pages in full color and black-and-white.
    PHOTOGRAPHERS: 103 Street photographers.
    COUNTRIES: 26 from 5 Continents.
    EDITOR: Marco Savarese.
    COVER IMAGE: Michelle Groskopf.


    The adjective surreal comes from surrealism, an artistic movement that conglomerated images, writing, painting, and other artistic disciplines, which often contained irrational and disconnected images. That is why the surreal describes a strange mixture of elements, often discordant and seemingly meaningless. Images can be surreal, like the watches in Salvador Dalí’s paintings as well as in some weird and dreamlike moments of everyday life.

    We may say that Street photography has always had that influence: from the classic images of Eliott Erwitt to our days with photographers like Siegfried Hansen or Tavepong Pratoomwong. In this issue, we present 101 talented street photographers celebrating excellence through a visual language in street photography. These contemporary photographers come from 31 countries of five continents. Our aim is that you might get inspiration through their work. You will discover a great variety of photographers and their images presented in these pages on the theme Surreal.


    Christmas is a holiday that’s celebrated on December 25th. For religious Christians, Christmas is a celebration of Christ’s birth.
    In the Western world, may people celebrate Christmas, some of them for religious reasons and others in a more secular way. Christians observe rituals at Christmas including church attendance and reenactments of Bible stories surrounding the birth of Christ. Non-religious observers exchange presents, tell stories about Santa Claus, and usually decorate a lighted Christmas tree…

    On the streets around the world Christmas is something else, and in these pages you will discover why…

    PAGES: 130 pages in full color and black-and-white.
    PHOTOGRAPHERS: 61 Street photographers.
    COUNTRIES: 20 from 5 Continents.
    PAPER QUALITY: Fedrigoni X-PER Premium White paper.
    EDITOR: Marco Savarese, Italy.
    COVER IMAGE: Fadi BouKaram, Lebanon.