Street Fashion

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    Marco Savarese, Editor in Chief, has invited five artists to answer some questions in the new issue of Eyeshot, in order to build a complex story on tendencies, excesses, cultural and social differences that walk down the urban catwalks all around the world. The selections of artists such as Suzan Pektaş, Graciela Magnoni, Gustavo Minas, Tavepong Pratoomwong and David Gibson talk about a fashion which is pretty far from haute couture, but it isn’t unrelated to the Fashion System mechanisms. According to the five “guest photographers”, who have been invited to offer their point of view to Eyeshot, Street Fashion looks like a Fashion Week with no red carpets nor celebrities.
    Moreover, we dedicated two sections to the winners of the London Street Photography Festival and of the Australia’s International Photography Festival, both of which are Eyeshot partners.