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    The Mirror
    Copies: 500
    Edition: Limited Edition
    Number of pages: 220
    Dimensions: 21×27 cm
    Street Photographers: 160
    Paper Quality: Fedrigoni X-PER Premium Quality

    Flora & Fauna
    Copies: 500
    Edition: Limited Edition
    Number of pages: 166
    Dimensions: 21×27 cm
    Street Photographers: 130
    Paper Quality: Fedrigoni X-PER Premium Quality

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    The Silver Subscription Plan represents Eyeshot’s timeless classics, designed to guide you through the latest Street inspiration focusing on specific themes every time.

    It includes four Eyeshot magazines and it’s a one-year subscription. You can choose to add an exclusive Paper+Digital Subscription when checking out, ensuring to get the four magazines both in print and digital form.

    Here are the four Eyeshot magazines that you’ll receive:
    Eyeshot no.5 “Flora & Fauna”
    Eyeshot no.6 “The Mirror”
    Eyeshot no.7 “New York City” (out on 09/15)
    Eeyshot no.8 “Bulgaria” (out on 11/15)

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    Every new Eyeshot subscriber will receive the five limited-edition postcards autographed by Diana Maria, Graciela Magnoni, Jeffrey De Keyser, Jerome Lorieau, and Valeria Tofanelli.

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    On this issue of Eyeshot, Marco Savarese throws down a challenge to Charalampos Kydonakis, Rammy Narula, Ania Klosek, Jesse Marlow and Maciej Dakowicz: to talk about Flora and Fauna through street photography.
    Nature and animals are undisputed protagonists in art, from Palaeolithic cave paintings up to Maurizio Cattelan’s avant-garde provocations. But how can street photography, which is intrusive, frenetic and eager for contemporaneity, talk about something that lives without being aware of the era it belongs to?
    Can such an art, that lives thanks to the moment, represent timeless forms of life?
    The lesson you learn from Flora and Fauna is the ability to adapt to a world that flows so fast and selfishly, that you forgot who was occupying it before us.