Humans in the city. In this project, I want to show the place of humans in different cities, using the aestheticism of buildings, shadows areas, or playing with street elements like advertising posters or billboards. These photos were taken in Paris, Copenhagen, Le Havre, Madrid, Metz…These are big cities that give a lot of opportunities for street photographers to make good photos 🙂 For each photo, my objective was to take a person in a very well know place of his city and offering a new point of view…you will maybe recognize the Atocha train station ( Madrid ) or la Défense, near Paris…

Photographer: Puliero Fabrice

Country: France

Bio: I am 45 years old and I live near Paris. I started photography 5 years ago by shooting landscapes, portraits or architecture. Now, I practice photography mainly in an urban environment…and street photography is what I prefer.
I like taking part in photographies contests because it is a good way to improve the photographic vision and discovering new subjects. Also, I write articles for French photography magazine.