«Unbearable Silence» is a street photography series which is perfectly capable of transferring ordinary life in a very specific visual language.
Prevalent in this author’s photography is light, shadow and human presence. Small fragments of objects, body parts and gestures combine with abundant light and strong contrast to create a simple dazzling moment, or a unique sensation. In particular, the lens, camera and this author’s perspective capture overlooked everyday scenes, which we fail to notice and record properly.
«Unbearable Silence» is a mixture of the power of seeing beyond the facts, and reality — or the lack thereof. The presented landscape of social encounters is seen through the photographer’s eyes, which nonetheless are the eyes of a common man. «Unbearable Silence» is a research, a visceral need to capture things and feelings with which the author resonates at that specific moment. It is an intimate dialogue with the world in which we manifest ourselves, but also an echo of our transitory existence.


Rafael Ianos is a Romanian photographer based in Bucharest, Romania. His first approach to photography dates to 2013, even though he discovered the pleasure of it only a couple years ago, after his first son’s birth. Back then, he felt the need to capture as many moments as possible not to forget. As time passed, he used his camera to mark the places he wanted to remember in the long run. As he says, photography is placing bookmarks in life to which you can always come back to, reliving a specific moment in time and place.
Bringing the camera along became a habit, making it easier to capture everything that was happening. After a while, he started shooting almost exclusively on the street, and he realised that street photography is what best suits his personality.