New York City streets. New York City amazes me – a melting pot where, despite the mixture of lives and cultures, people preserve their own individuality. Those single identities I like to watch and catch trough my camera.
In these photographs the juxtaposition of elements combines with vivid colors and the high contrast of lights and shadows to convert ordinary moments of life into surrealistic scenes.

Photographer: Raffaele De Vivo

Country: Italy

Bio: Raffaele De Vivo (aka Rufio) is an Italian street photographer, currently based in Brooklyn, New York City.
His journey with photography began at a young age.He studied photography at Istituto Statale d’Arte and proceeded with undegraduate studies at Accademia di Belle Arti in Naples, Italy.
In the meantime, he experimented on the field by working as assistant photographer during wedding cerimonies, learning about cerimonial reportage.
Along the way, his interests became more clear and he turned his eye to the streets – places full of color and lights, but also dark and shadows.
Inspired by the works of Alex Webb and Constantine Manos, Raffaele captures ordinary life moments and convert them into unordinary experiences.