Street to Me. The term Street Photography modified form the term straight photography which means straight out of camera and it is expected that there will be no manipulation and it has to be candid or un-staged under natural light sources. Though Now a days the trend of using flash in street photography is increasing. As this genre is very interesting and possibilities are infinite it is ever evolving . There are other types of photographs also available in a different genre and these photographs are also straight out of camera viz landscape, macro photographs etc but we will not consider them as street photographs though they are straight out of the camera. The metaphor needs to be understood. In street photography photographer freezes the mood and emotion of that place consisting people or without people with the other elements but presence of human must be felt through photographs. Day by Day, the definition, concept is being modified rapidly. Street photography not necessary to be on the street but any places where the concept and philosophies are there to support the image. Photography is a philosophic journey and it guides us to explore the possibilities in an unique way. As a street photographer I personally addicted in capturing human emotions within its ambience. Travelling different places in India and abroad is my hobby. I like exploring possibilities in everything. As scope for good photographs is everywhere but we should train our eyes to see the most interesting moment within thousand moments. Observation is the key. One has to develop a habit of clicking photographs by carrying small camera always. Our life is unpredictable so as opportunity for a good photograph. Freezing decisive moment is a reflex action which can only be develop through practice. Sometimes our hands work faster than our mind. I would say It’s a synchronisation of mind, heart and hand. We should avoid taking part in the race with other as nobody or nothing is ultimate so it is best to enjoy the journey rather compete. We all need recognition, accolades to get the attention of the world. We all like to hear good words about us. We are human and this is what actually we want. I would say seeking praise is not bad either. For me it gives energy, power and boosts self-confidence. I think we have discovered 5 % possibilities. Much has to be done. Satisfaction is our real enemy. We often devote very less time to see a photograph its like blink of eyes and this is fatal . Every photograph portray a meaningful message for which much attention is required. A good photograph required enough time so that it can be understood properly. Every viewer interprets according to their own way and perception. Some are successful and some are not in interpreting a photograph but one should enjoy the entire process. Three things we should remember while clicking a photograph 1. Why am I clicking (reason for clicking) 2. What am I Clicking (Content ) 3.When am I Clicking (Prefect Moment of clicking). During my Street Photography workshop student asks various questions like when we should convert a colour photograph into a black and white photograph. For me the simple answer is we should convert every photograph into B&W then see if it works for you or not then choose the right one. Some possesses preconceived ideas that if a photograph is converted into B&W then it will become classic and soulful image but this is entirely wrong as colour has its own essence too. We need to know the colour theory and how complementary colour works though in street photography the implementation is less . You can be a great street photographer without knowing the colour theory properly as in street photography its all about moment where content is the key. To make us grow we need to learn photography through photobooks, workshops, seminars, youtube videos, photo talk by masters. We spent lot of money in purchasing various high end gears on regular basis as we need advancement but at the same time we should spend time and money for quality learning also. What will we do with a great high end gear without great knowledge about photography? It’s a parallel thing. It must be synchronized properly. The above text is a product of self-observation and definitely may vary from other’s opinion as an art is always subjective.


BIO | Raj Sarkar is a Street Photographer and Educator. He holds MBA Degree in Finance and Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application. He is the founder of World Photographic Forum, Curator of APF magazine Street Photography. He loves exploring possibilities on street. His main object is to Freeze the emotions and actions of people. He delivers lecture on photography in various Colleges and institutions like IIM (Indian Institution of Management), Union Chappell school etc. He also conducts countless workshops on street photography. He also curates’ various exhibition and he has also been appointed as a judge in various competition. Raj is a recipient of various awards, recently he has won the International Puskar Mela Contest, Winner Wiplay Photo contest “India in Color”.Finalist of Garuda World Photo contest and HIPA and his work has been exhibited worldwide. He reviews various gadgets and camera including Fuji x camera for Fujifilm. His article has been published in all renowned magazine and websites in the world like Fujilove, Street Photography Magazine, USA, Viewfind, APF Magazine, Smart Photography, Better Photography, Asian Photography, Chiiz magazine, Saveus,121 clicks, National Geographic and more. Recently his photographs has been showcased in London Street Photography Festival and Indian Photo Festival.