Revealing Strolls Colour. Walking or simply passing through any urban environment is about witnessing moments or fragments of life. People interact with the urban habitat and each other, going about their daily business, largely un-noticed. The intent or goal of the Revealing Strolls Colour project is to document these un-noticed moments, capturing them with the camera before they quickly disappear. Its essence is capturing scattered moments in time that reflect characteristics of our current society. The location of this project is in Toronto’s Financial District, the same location as the original black and white Revealing Strolls series. In my years of rambling through this district, colour pictures were revealed to me as well as the black and white. Colour enhances our ability to see the world and has a different way of interpreting our urban realities. Making images in colour significantly impacts the way photographs are composed and presented to the viewer. This series gives a different view and dimension of the financial district.

COUNTRY | Canada

BIO | Randall has over 40 years experience in photography, having worked for 35 commercial and editorial clients, as well as, being obsessed with photography since he was a teenager. Currently he is passionate about documentary street photography, captured on Canadian streets. This genre of photography requires diligence, persistence and fast reflects to capture a fleeting moment in time between the urban environment and people. It is rare to capture an exceptional photograph, yet when successful, the image can be unique with gestures, expressions, and stories standing the test of time. Randall is active curating and participating in local photographic exhibitions, as well as teaching photography through presentations to camera clubs and through written articles and books. He lives on a country property near Peterborough, Ontario with his wife Catherine.