Life and Light of Havana | With this series of photos, Reece Amies tries to capture the beauty of the city along with the people that occupy the nostalgic surroundings. ‘I have been to Havana Cuba three times now and for me it never gets old. I love the way the old buildings, colors, light and people work in such harmony together to create wonderful timeless photos’. People don’t have a lot there but their spirit and joy are always shining through and they make do with what they have in a wonderful way.

COUNTRY | Australia

BIO | Originally from Australia, I have been living on yachts working as a private chef for the past six years which has given a great opportunity to explore and capture moments all around the world. Every spare minute I have I’m out taking photographs, even when gathering ingredients from the markets ill have my camera on hand just in case that moment comes along.
I got into street photography back in 2012 living in Amsterdam and fell in love with it especially shooting with film, since then I have used many different cameras and formats. Photography for me is a life long journey also a journal for my self to look back on over the years, I still remember each photograph so vividly how that day was, how I felt and what I was up to.
I was fortunate enough to be selected as a finalist in Miami street photography festival 2018, also have a couple of my photographs being exhibited at Street Sans Frontiers exhibition Paris in November 2020.